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Our Alumni

  • Philip Koteng`
    SUCCESS is finding satisfaction in giving a little more than you take…..Christopher Reeve.
    Philip Koteng`
    Graduate Architect

    It gives me great pleasure to sit in architecture studios as a lecturer in the same room that I was once a green form four leaver hungry to be an architect.

    I schooled at N.I.T for my Diploma in Architecture (JKUAT). After graduating and being accepted at JKUAT for the Bachelors programme, i appreciated the foundation at N.I.T a lot since my performance was as competitive as my colleagues at JUJA.

    I  graduated with a Bachelors in Architecture in 2012.I have since been working as a Graduate Architect at Tej Architects.I am also a Director at Eco Hut Africa partnering with one of the most valuable relationships i developed at N.I.T, my former classmates Francis Githinji and Eliud Kalani.

    I am now a full time time lecturer at N.I.T(Building Department), giving back, to those who made me who I am today. Thank you N.I.T.


  • Charles Gitau
    In November 2015, I graduated with a Diploma in Interior Design. This has been the biggest accomplishment in my life.
    Charles Gitau
    Real estate business

    In November 2015, I graduated with a Diploma in Interior Design. This has been the biggest accomplishment in my life.

    I came across N.I.T while shopping for an institution that offers Rendering short courses. Being a fifty year old, then, with up to two decades experience in the Motor industry, i was keen on acquiring rendering skills for sales presentations. Mr.Kariuki introduced the Interior Design Diploma idea and walked me through the possible benefits of pursuing the course. I have no regrets for having enrolled into this programme.I t has been an eye opener. At 52, now, i wish i stumbled across N.I.T when i was eighteen.

    My life long plans to venture into the real estate business are now a reality. I have launched my own furniture workshop and am glad to say I am making a shilling out of it. I can only look forward to bigger and better things THANKS TO N.I.T.

  • Jessika Patel
    My parents run a construction company. They always encouraged me to help out during my school holidays.
    Jessika Patel
    Interior Designer

    I slowly developed an interest in their work. But I was more keen on wanting to make things look a bit colorful and pleasant. When I finished my O Levels, I bumped into a Facebook post announcing a Foundation course in architecture. I was very curious and asked my dad to take me to this campus to learn more about this course. That was the best decision I ever made. I was advised to take the course, and after completion, I was exempted the first semester of the Interior Design Diploma. I am very excited to be pursuing this course. Everyday I learn something new. My parents have now opened an interiors segment at their shop which I happily help them run when I do not have classes. I cannot wait to finish this course and expand this area.

  • Rabiy Kinyagoli
    I heard about N.I.T after my A levels in Tanzania. A friend of mine who had studied in N.I.T fascinated me with his animation projects.
    Rabiy Kinyagoli

    . I hoped for the opportunity to study at N.I.T. I applied for the course online and I was pleased to hear that I qualified to pursue the course. N.I.T did not disappoint. Even as a junior student, my lecturers encouraged me to exhibit works at industry related expos and exhibitions. The compliments, comments and criticism i got at that stage gave me the confidence and motivation to work harder and meet the standards set by my colleagues, lecturers and key industry players. N.I.T engages its students in campus projects with incentives. At some point, while pursuing the course, I won a prestigious competition organized by the Kenya Film Commission. This was a great boost of morale. After completion of the course, I immediately got placement into an Animation company called Well Told Story. I am also cashing in on many design works that get on the side thanks to the skills and confidence i gained at N.I.T.


  • Artika Manji
    I got to know about N.I.T back while I was in high school at Jeffrey’s academy.
    Artika Manji
    Interior Designer

    I got to know about N.I.T back while I was in high school at Jeffrey’s academy. I was excited when I visited their stand during a career expo and learnt a lot about interior Design. I had always been interested in turning my passion into a professional career. N.I.T made it happen for me. I was always at the forefront in volunteering to help in campus exhibitions and expos. The more I spoke about what I learnt, the better I felt about inspiring young high school graduates to pursue the course. The course was very tasking and time consuming, but the lecturers kept us close and counseled us. I thank the administration for the well furnished with facilities that made N.I.T a great learning environment. We would spend nights in the studios working on projects. To shed off the tension, the administration would organize fun and sporty events. In no time, i had graduated and before i knew it, opportunities came knocking. I now work with a company. I would do it all over again at N.I.T.