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Our departments


The Building Department provides an opportunity for students to design and create buildings that are functional and comfortable for human beings to live and work. It offers an environment where students can express their world physically within principles, techniques and regulations of the building and construction industry. The concentration is on both residential and commercial buildings and encompasses a variety of skills essential to structure design including drafting, computer aided design, and modeling. It combines project-based learning as well as theory and implementation. The students are thoroughly equipped with the techniques of designing, drafting, costing, and erection of structures.

Interior Design

The department of Interior Design is a journey of discovery, definition of interior spaces with visual interest while preserving function. Students are immersed into world culture; to create spaces that tell a meaningful story about the space. Students specialize in Residential and Commercial interiors with specific focus on Furniture design and Fittings, Interior Furnishings and Decoration, Interior Architecture and Exhibition and Display.

Digital Media Design

The department of Digital Media Design provides students with a hands-on education in the digital arts from a technical, creative, and ethical perspective. The curriculum imparts comprehensive technical knowledge of the pre-production, production, and post-production processes, including proficiency in editing, visual effects, and motion graphics.