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Professional Certificate in Interior Design (N.I.T)

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What you need to know before you enroll

For a long time, N.I.T has been receiving overwhelming high numbers of enquiries for a part time Interior Design class.

A considerable number of working professionals and entrepreneurs within and outside the building and construction sector were hungry for a course that would opportune them to venture into interior design.

Our Dean of Building and Construction studies, together with qualified professionals and experts in the areas of Interior Design worked on a curriculum that is now our very popular Professional Certificate in Interior Design.

This course aims to equip working professionals who are interested in the area of Interior Design with skills in Design, presentation and construction of interior building spaces.

Classes are conducted in our spacious design studios where our studio masters lecture and supervise all trainings conducted.

Our studio masters are vetted to meet teaching standards set by the commission for university education.

All students attend workshops and site visits to put in practice what is taught in the classroom set up.

For successful completion of the course, each student takes a three months supervised project, relevant to the areas of study. This project is supervised, examined and graded by one of our lecturers.

We continue to receive very positive reviews of the course content and its relevance to students who have completed the course.

Course Duration: Nine (9) months

Two to three years working experience in any field with a high motivation to enter the design field.


Important Note:
• A fee of Kshs. 1,500.00 is applicable to students who pay via the installment plan.

1. Tuition Fees 65,000.0065,000.00
2. Examination Fees3,300.003,300.00
3. Registration Fees [New students]1,500.00
4. Student ID [New Students]500.00

After the Certificate, what next?

After successful completion of the course, trainees can join employment, consult, execute projects and venture in to business in the Interior Design industry.

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